Department of Opticianry


The optician can be defined as a vision care technician who provides the selection and preparation of vision equipment, in accordance with selected and determined measurements of the prescriptions prepared by vision care specialists, adapted to the patient. Furthermore, the optician is legally responsible for carrying out terms of the agreement with the government, the operation of optic stores, the sale of contact lenses, and the preparation, installation, adjustment and making of all kind of eyeglasses. The main purpose of the program is to educate opticians who can respond to the requirements of different   age groups,   who give importance to human health, and are capable of using technological tools and equipment, and who have developed the skills of solving problem, effective communication as well as a strong sense of responsibility.

The students of opticianry program gain theoretical knowledge in classroom lessons through optics field applications, computer software and the use of optical instruments. In addition, our students will have the opportunity to take the first steps of their opticianry career through internships. Students who graduate from the program will receive Associate's Degree and the title of registered optician. Graduates are permitted to operate their own optic stores under the title of optician, or to be employed as responsible managers in optic stores.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, graduates of the programs have the opportunity to study for a bachelor degree completion if successful in the transfer exam, and may continue their studies in departments of Physics. The following features are the benefits of the program:

  • Good opportunities to find employment  after graduation
  • Opportunities to work outside of the hospital environment, although the field is within the health sector.
  • Opportunities to work in a profession associated with Health, Trade, Handicrafts, and Fashion.
  • Opportunities to work in  collaboration  with manufacturing and export factories, supply stores, and retail companies

We welcome all those aiming for a career in opticianry.