Department of Physiotherapy


The aim of physioterapy program is to train physiotherapy technicians gained enough proffessional skills, ethical values and not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. The graduates of the program can work at a lot of foundations like  physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, state hospitals, private hospitals and termal spas.

Physical therapy is rapidly developing in our country and in the world. So it is an important sector which needs qualified staff to work in this field.

Various diseases in the community and the continuous increase of the number of individuals who need physiotherapy for reasons such as injury and aging increases the need for physiotherapists and physiotherapy technicians who assist them in this field.

With the self confidence of being graduated from İzmir University of Economics our graduates will have the oppurtunity of finding a job easily as a part of physiotherapy team to help the individuals who have  congenital or acquired diseases to improve  their health and quality of life.

Students will be able to do clinical applications in the equipped laboratories and do practices in our contracted hospitals.

In addition they will have the privilege  of being a member of İzmir University of Economics which provides  a lot of social, cultural and sports events to students.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, graduates of the programs have the opportunity to study for a bachelor degree completion if successful in the transfer exam, and may continue their studies at Schools of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

The mission of İzmir University of Economics Vocational School of Health Services is to educate and equip qualified students with leadership attributes, entrepreneurial capabilities  and critical thinking. How about walking with us in this way?