Department of Paramedic

About Us

    The aim of the “First and Emergency Aid” Program is to educate health technicians who;

• Are able provide basic and advanced life support to all patients and injures before hospitals in the name of emergency health services,
• Are able recognize and provide necessary emergency care for all kind of system traumas,
• Are able to ensure the safety transportation of patients or injures to hospitals, whose emergency actions are completed, • Have tendency to develop themselves through their lives
• Are able to communicate effectively,
• Are team members,
• Are able to recognize and solve problems,
• Create differences
• Have adequate knowledge and competency in their professional field

Emergency Health Technicians are educated to provide -out of hospital-healthcare services to all patients and injures. They are supposed to deliver essential care to all patients and injures in case of emergency and responsible for their safety transportation to hospitals. Moreover, they are obliged to fulfill the protocols within their responsibility limits and medicate due the permission of doctors. Addition to this they provide basic and advanced life support. Emergency Health Technicians are employed by 112s, all kinds of public and private ambulances including air and sea, AKS 110, university, first aid services of public and private hospitals,.

They are competent to provide cardio pulmonary restitution, ventilation, give oxygen, manage basic air passages, AED, defibrillation, evaluation of EKG, spinal immobilization, vital science and bandage. Addition to this, intubation, intravenous and medication in the limits of their protocols are under the responsibility of health technicians. The students who are enrolled for the program must be a graduate of high school or vocational high school of health. Moreover, they are required to be mentally and physically healthy and willing to help people. The education program includes theory(in class) courses, practical classes, hospital and clinic applications and ambulance internship with the guide of a professional. During practical classes students will learn the acute physiological, psychological and critical changes and their symptoms by role playing or/and case analysis.

The academic team of our program is leading the field of paramedic and have various foremost studies in the field of emergency for years. Students are obliged to take their driving licenses till the end of first academic year in order to apply and practice safety driving techniques in ambulances. Students who graduate as a competent implementer and developer of first and emergency aid services will receive the degree of “First and Emergency Aid Services Graduate” . In accordance with the relevant legislation, graduates of the programs have the opportunity for bachelor degree completion by entering the transfer exam. Students may transfer to the departments of faculty of health sciences which are nursing and health institutions management.

Why it is an advantage to be a “Paramedic”?
Because; All the paramedics will be employed soon after their graduation, A paramedic is a life saver “health professional” who works out of hospital, A paramedic takes the first step to have an undergraduate degree in order to be a trainer in future, A paramedic is the team leader in the ambulance.